New Shrine Room

Foundation stone was laid in Lelwala Estate Lower Division commencing constructions of a shrine room on the 14th March 2017. The total estimated cost for the construction is Rs. 250,000.00 and it is expected to be completed by the end of April 2017.

Flood Relief

Ketandola estate  staff welfare society and workers decided to conduct a campaign on 21th may 2016 to provide Dry rations, Clothes, Drugs, ect to the people who lost their relations, neighbors and all other belongings due to land slides prevailed in Kegall district in recent past.
Also all low country estates, villages in Ketandola,estate suppliers and Elpitiya plantations PLC have contributed to make this event success. All together goods worth of approximately 350000/- were given to the effected people.

Save the Children


Sri Lanka’s Tea estate community provides a major contribution to the economy of the country, with fifteen percent of foreign income accrued from the plantation sector. The plantation directly employees more than 150,000 people and it is home to nearly one million persons. However, the community has not been able to enjoy all the due benefits of the trade.

Therefore, in order to uplift the living standards of the estate community “Save the Children” had joined hands with EPP.

This project is focused on the worker community of Deviturai Estate in low country.  Deviturai Estate is a home for 1,835 residents and 214 nonresident workers living in seven divisions with a land covering 896 Ha.

The prime objectives of the project are to strengthen the estate community through improving the sanitary conditions at the estate, providing access to clean and safe water, to create a fruitful and safe environment for the children, ensure the wellbeing and the comfort of the factory & field employees and creating a relief and convenience for home life and thereby ensuring a more productive society.

The project enabled to construct 88 new latrines, repair 138 units of existing latrines, repair the existing water lines at Igalkanda Division, construct a new water scheme for Devrturai, upgrading the early child development center facilities, upgrade the medical center, upgrading the tea factory worker washroom, construction of two field rest rooms and to renovate the estate consumer Co-operative stores at a total investment of Rs. 22 million.

Elders Home – Meddecombra Estate

As a tribute to the service rendered by retired estate employees at Elpitiya Plantations PLC has constructed an Elder’s Home in collaboration with the French Donor “Foundation Abbe Pierre” at the Meddecombra Estate in Pundaluoya. Over Rs. 23 Mn has been invested to accommodate forty (40) retired workers from Dunsiane, Sheen, Fernlands, Meddecombra, New Peacock and Nayapane Estates in the Pundaluoya and Pussellawa region. This Elder’s Home is first of its kind in the plantation sector Sri Lanka which was constructed in an eco-friendly environment with facilities such as hot water, recreation room with TV sets, toilets for the disabled, fish ponds, walk ways, kitchens etc. to enable the inmates to spend the rest of their life in a most peaceful and healthy manner. The Elder’s Home was ceremonially declared open on 16th October 2014.

New Housing Scheme – Meddecombra Estate

Elpitiya Plantations Plc., is committed to its corporate social responsibility and   has continued to  strive to uplift and improve  the social and economic conditions of the worker families living in the estates coming  under its purview at Pundaluoya, Pussellawa and Elpitiya  areas, since the company’s management was taken  over by Aitken Spence Plantation Managements Limited in July,  1997,   in association with the Government institutions  such as  Plantation Human Development Trust, National Housing Development Authority etc., and the Non Governmental organizations (NGOs)

On 27th July, 2012, twenty new  Housing Units constructed at a cost of Rs. 21.0  Mn. at the New Clearings  Division of Meddecombra Estate  were  ceremonially handed over to the beneficiaries, bringing an end to the era of hardship of the  twenty families consisting of  about 90 persons, whose line rooms were gutted  by  a fire in  August, 2007.

These families were   living in temporary sheds since August, 2007, with much inconvenience until the new houses were handed over to them as they were not successful in obtaining financial assistance from the Government intuitions or the State/Commercial Banks for construction of a permanent housing unit in view of the high cost.

At the initiative of Mr. Sanjay Dissanayake, who was the Manager of Meddecombra estate, the International Institute of Development Training, Sri Lanka came forward to help these destitute families, with the funds granted by Foundation of Abbe Pierre, a non Governmental Organization of France.

The designing and construction of the Housing Units were coordinated and supervised by the International Institute of Development Training and the Estate Manager.

Elpitiya Plantations Plc developed the infrastructure of the Housing Scheme and provided the timber for the Housing units. The workers also contributed by providing manual labor and cash for the construction of an additional bed room for these Houses.

  • New Peacock and Deviturai Estates have moved further in terms of technology and innovation by introducing proximity cards to all the estate employees. It has also helped the employees to create high personal recognition and self-esteem among them and indirectly it has helped the productivity levels to be increased.
  • The areas prone to landslides have been identified at the Dunsinane estate with the assistance of National Building Research Organization (NBRO) and the estate community has been provided with temporary accommodation facilities to eliminate the probable calamity. The new housing scheme of 400 units is in progress at Dunsinane estate to replace the internally displaced people who live in temporary shelters.
  • Upgrading the water schemes at three divisions of New Peacock estate namely, New Peacock division, Old Peacock division and Chaueliegh division is currently in progress with the aid of IIDT. Total project expenditure is approx. 2.1 Mn and it is expected that 1550 individuals will be benefited at the completion of the project.
  • The “Workers Housing Corporative Society” (WHCS) at New Peacock estate is launching a large scale corporative outlet at the New Peacock Division. The funds have already been granted and it is expected that approx. 650 families will be benefited.
  • Talgaswella Estate was awarded the “Best Estate Worker Housing Corporative Society” Galle region at the regional Planters Association. Further the estate looks forward to compete at the all island level as well.

A new Social Development Center has been opened in Talgaswella Estate for the social activities.