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Elpitiya Plantation PLC

Originated from the agriculture wonderland of Sri Lanka – Elpitiya Plantation PLC is a pioneer in agriculture and plantations. As the leading manufacturers of premium tea – Elpitiya Plantations PLC is managed by the prestigious Aitken Spence Group since 1997. With 13 estates spread throughout the island covering 8800 hectares, we cater on with world class profitable business practices and focuses on uplifting the lives of our community as well.
We are proud to cater to the world market with our core business of cultivation and manufacturing of tea, rubber, coconut, palm oil, and gracious Ceylon cinnamon. But taking a step ahead and relying on our strengths we have diversified our business by venturing into strategic investments such as sustainable forestry development, Eco Tourism, Hydro Power development. Through an integrated business model, we have become one of the pioneers in the excellence of plantations category in the country, while serving our customers, employees and the immediate community with world class business practices.
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Elpitiya Plantation is one of the Best Regional Plantation companies (RPC) catering to cultivation and manufacturing of tea , rubber , coconut , palm oil and other crops in our 8800 hectares of land. With the privatisation of our business since 1977 we have continued onto transform our business from a commodity based venture into a more diversified , profitable and sustainable entity.
With a progressive mindset, we have ventured into creating a diversified business portfolio with non-traditional crops, renewable energy, specialty teas and others. Hence we are a secured business entity, making strategic interest and investments careering to both short term and long term progression. Our primary move ahead on value proposition with the Triple Bottom Line approach had made us a pioneer in creating shared sustainable value for all our stakeholders. From shareholders to our immediate community surrounding the plantations – we provide equal , precise care and hence focus on building a better future for the fellow Sri Lankans as a whole. We care and we deliver with strong and ambitious focus on becoming a world class business, bringing the best of Sri Lanka to the global market.

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As a business model with core strength relying on plantations sector, we take immaculate pride in our corporate sustainability strategy. It is one of the top three strategic value propositions on our business, where we cater to the interest of our shareholders, employees, partners, community and even the bio diversity preservation. While building a business which is sustainable in the long run, we have developed precise goals and KPIs based on 6 UNSDGs to create a better business and impact the community and environment with strong positivity.

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