largest producers of natural rubber


Elpitiya Plantations PLC is one of Sri Lanka’s largest producers of natural rubber. We produce various products with quality distinction, such as Latex grade no.1X, Latex grade no.1 and Sole Crepe. Our factories are geared to handle the various thicknesses and dimensions as per the customer’s requirement.

The Company has four natural rubber processing plants in Elpitiya, Bentota, Talgaswella and Deviturai estates. It caters to the various needs of domestic and the international markets. The total rubber extent is about 1,400 hectares.

Quality is always at the forefront of our production of latex. We are in a constant drive to improve our quality management systems so as to produce a highest standard of products and be environmental friendly.

The Sole Crepe which are produced at Elpitiya and Bentota estates are consigned to Clarks Shoes in United Kingdom through an agent in Vietnam. This Sole Crepe is manly used for the specialized handmade winter shoes, giving safety and confidence for a better walk during heavy snow.