Forestry Management

The main objectives of our Forestry Management Plan are to meet our own requirement of fuel wood and enhance the quality of our environment and protect water sheds and thereby enhancing the environmental value of the country at large. Under this plan we have planted more than 389ha in different species of timber.

Power Projects

Dunsinane Estate, Punduloya, Sri Lanka

Our aim is to look for more investments in EEMs (Energy Efficiency Measures) in our factories such as possible fuel switching options, energy saving opportunities in manufacturing, etc. in order to reduce the power utilization and thereby reduce the negative impact to the environment. In addition more consideration is given to the environmental issues in evaluating new strategic investment opportunities.

This helps to reduce the total national energy demand even at small scale and thereby reduce the emissions of Diesel Power Plants which has been identified as green house gases in Kyoto Protocol. In addition, we are working on developing more Hydro Power Sites within our estates in Pundaluoya Cluster in order to achieve the above objective. The proposals to develop Dendro Thermal Power Projects also are under consideration.

Environment Friendly Investments

Elpitiya Estate, Elpitiya, Sri Lanka

The company has invested in infrastructure projects such as re-roofing, water systems, sanitation and road development in our estates with the assistance of the Plantation Development Project and Government Authorities to uplift the living condition of the estates workers.