cultivation was first started in 1960s


Oil palm is scientifically called as Elaeis guineensis. The cultivation was first started in 1960s in Galle district estates. Over the years Oil Palm cultivation has grown rapidly covering Galle, Kalutara and Matara districts benefiting both RPCs and Plantation worker community. At the moment Oil Palm cultivation which is producing Palm Oil as the end product has become the main source of profit making in low country estates as their traditional crops, tea and rubber are not performing as expected due to poor market trends.

High value for this cultivation is driven by the global demand for Palm Oil around 50 million tons per year which is expected to increase up to 70 million tons per year by 2020. Also according to the global statistics Palm Oil accounts for around one third of the total annual vegetable oil production of the world.

Responding to this bright signs at global level Elpitiya Plantations PLC has 7 of its estates partly diversified in to Oil Palm cultivation in the low country region and now these cultivations are producing the crown crop among all crops in low country while helping all the stakeholders in the industry.