Mini Hydropower Development

Developing green energy is one of the diversified areas of Elpitiya Plantations PLC (EPP), and with that EPP is exploring to develop all the potential mini-hydro power sites within its’ estate lands.

Dunsinane Power Project (3000 kW)

The first project site discovered by the company in 2004 which was located in the Dunsinane Estate, and the project was sold by EPP keeping only a 5% royalty share.


Sheen Mini-Hydropower Project (560kw)

Sheen MHPP is the second project the company was pursuing to develop, and the project had been developed with an investment partner who is one of the pioneers in the mini-hydropower sector in Sri Lanka, and commissioned in October 2008.


Dunsinane Cottage MHPP (900kW)

Another project of 900kW capacity, named Dunsinane Cottage was developed to generate green energy to the Sri Lankan national grid, in November in the year 2013.


Company has identified a few more projects to be developed which are in the pipeline, and two of them have signed the SPPA [Standard Power Purchase Agreement] with Ceylon Electricity Board which is the commercial agreement, namely Upper Sheen MHPP (400kW) and Upper Dunsinane MHPP (600kW). Upper Sheen project is to be commenced its construction works in 2016.

Another two projects are in the pre-construction stage where approvals are being taken from various government institutions.

EPP had been awarded as the Winner under the category of “Generating Hydro Power of RPC Sector” by His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa, former President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, at thewinner_1 National Plantation Awards 2012, held on 12th July 2012, in recognition of outstanding performance of industry stakeholders.

By substituting fossil fuel-based power generation with renewable energy sources, these mini-hydropower projects reduce the Carbon Footprint of the country whilst reducing the country’s dependence on the fossil fuels, and thereby contribute towards national foreign exchange reserves positively.