main export crops in Sri Lanka


Coconut which is scientifically called as Cocos nucifera can be seen mainly in tropic and sub tropic area of the island. The earliest traces about coconut cultivation in Sri Lanka were found in mahavansa around 589 AD under king agrabodhi II. Coconut is a very special palm as it has many domestic, commercial and industrial value for the entire world.

For a long time coconut has been one of the main export crops in Sri Lanka with tea and rubber. The Desiccated coconut has been the main export product for long time. Also in addition for export purpose it is catering the huge local demand as part of the daily diet in Sri Lanka. Other than for dietary demands coconut is used for various products and industries like domestic processed oil, soap and cosmetic industry, alcohol productions, coconut water as a refreshing drink and various parts of the tree for furnishing and decorating products.

In Elpitiya Plantation PLC there are 3 estates with coconut cultivations and their crops are mostly sold for local buyers who are mainly supplying them for the local market.