Business Sustainability

As a leading Plantation Company, We believe in creating sustainable value to all our stakeholders as the only way to achieving long lasting success. We are committed to adopting sustainable agricultural practices in our daily operations where all aspects of environmental health, economic profitability and social responsibility are deemed equally important

Increased stakeholder value is created through our sustainability management framework by improvements in business processes, better risk management, new business opportunities, innovation, corporate governance and overall corporate responsibility.

Business Sustainability Division (BSD) was established in 2014 in order to drive forward the sustainability management frame work.

Divisions Key Objectives are

  • Develop a business and brand strategy that integrates sustainability across core business activities to drive innovation.
  • Identify and address the key changes to be made to enhance the effectiveness of the existing business (continuously).
  • Target new market opportunities to reduce risks and costs of the existing business.
  • Handle R & D activities (Identifying the SWOT outcomes of EPP)
  • Establish a simple smart framework that offers a tailored response to a particular business situation.
  • Acting as an Information Hub
    • Collect /Analyze/Present of internal data
    • Searching for new things happening around us (Locally/Internationally)

To achieve this end, Division welcomes new ideas, Projects externally and opens for partnerships and collaborations.