Elpitiya Plantations Launches Locally Harvested ‘berrymuch’ Fresh Berries

September 11, 2021

Fresh berries lovingly nurtured in Sri Lanka under the brand name, ‘BerryMuch’ will be launched in Sri Lanka. Harvested in the salubrious environs of Elpitiya Plantations PLC, the leading plantations company brings the fresh goodness of ‘BerryMuch’ to all Sri Lankans. Initially, ‘Berrymuch’ will offer strawberries, with plans to introduce more varieties of fresh berries in the very near future, making it the first-time ever that these berries will be grown in Sri Lanka.

Commenting on this initiative, Bhathiya Bulumulla – Director/ CEO, Elpitiya Plantations PLC said, “We are excited to bring fresh, real produce to the people of Sri Lanka through ‘BerryMuch’, by delivering products that are locally harvested and ethically grown. At a time when the demand for health foods is on the rise globally, fresh plantation grown berries fulfil the requirements for health, taste and wholesome goodness. As the company behind ‘BerryMuch’, Elpitiya Plantations is proud of evolving to meet changing market demands while ensuring sustainability through healthy products like fresh berries.”

The launch of ‘BerryMuch’ is preceded by Elpitiya Plantation’s move into value-added processing and branding with the recent introduction of ‘Harrow Ceylon Choice’ Herbal tea, Bees honey, Kithul treacle and Cinnamon products such as sticks and powder; and ‘Tropifrut’ products such as Soursop pulp and passion fruit pulp. Going ahead, the ‘BerryMuch’ brand will also offer value additions including jams, purees and pulps to be delivered on a B2B basis.

This innovation drive is a result of Elpitiya Plantations transformation from a traditional plantation company to a modern innovative and entrepreneurial plantation company as part of its Growth and Transformation Strategy, named Design 2020 to create economic value through value-addition.